As always, I am looking for new (out of the box) ways to eat fresh fruit and veggies with my children.  Local berries are the latest harvest in our area and we certainly found a new way to eat them and cool off at the same time. Frozen Blueberry Pearls make the perfect treat for my favorite girl who loves to dress up and best of all they are EASY to make!  However, this is great for all kids! 

Disclaimer- may get messy but doubt it b/c they will gobble the treat up and want more.  It is a fun outdoor activity which your child can help make but should buy a dull needle at a local craft store next to the yarn.  A great activity to get your children involved and build fine motor skills.

Blueberries are action packed with fiber and a very good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese. They sure do trump the candy necklace with nutrition and equally as fun for the child.


  • Frozen blueberries
  • Fishing line or a stong but thin thread
  • Threading needle


  • String the frozen berries to desired length.  I used about 20 berries because I did not know how messy this was going to get as the berries defrosted.  Defrosting was not the issue- making the second necklace on demand was more of an issue (not really).
  • Tie a knot.
  • Watch your child cool off and eat a fun healthy snack!





About the author: Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN


  1. Yummy! Much healthier than the candy necklaces and more delicious!


  2. We love to do frozen blueberries! I had never thought to string them though! great idea!


  3. This is sooo clever! I’d be afraid of ruining my clothes, but it’d be perfect for a fun day! 😀


  4. My daughter would LOVE a blueberry necklace!


  5. This is such a cool idea.


  6. Yummy! Super cute pics! thank for sharing!


  7. My daughter would love this!!!


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