Orange Mango Gelatin Gummies

Who doesn’t like sweets? Nobody!  Especially gelatin gummies that are crazy good for your health.

In fact, let’s talk about the benefits of gelatin, first of all.

The term “gelatin” comes from the Latin “gelatos” and means “frozen”. Gelatin is a mixture of protein containing useful and necessary amino acids such as glycine that provides energy to the body and affects the mental activity, alanine, aspartic and glutamic acids that improve metabolism, strengthen the heart muscle and are an energy source for the central nervous system.  

Also gelatin has microelements such as phosphorus, calcium and sulfur as well as proline and hydroxyproline needed for connective tissues. That is why having a broken bone, it’s recommended to use gelatin in dishes for quicker synostosis.

As for its using, gelatin is used in the production of canned fish and meat, wine, jelly, ice cream, jellied dishes, confectionary. When making ice cream, gelatin is used for reducing protein clotting and preventing crystallisation of sugar.

We should mention about such benefit as its usefulness for skin, teeth, hair and nails that is due to its supply of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. It can help you protect the joints, detox liver, sleep better and support the adrenals.

To get more benefit, include in your diet such gelatin dishes as aspic, candied fruit, mousses, jellies, marmalade, marshmallow, souffle.

But remember that the excess of gelatin can provoke some troubles as increasing of blood clotting, thrombosis. Sometimes there are cases of allergy. So the safest way to have gelatine in your diet is eating marmalade, jelly, aspic. Because the contents of gelatin is safe for health in these dishes. That’s why you can satisfy your sweet tooth without any harm to your health.

Now we offer you a great recipe “Orange Mango Gelatin Gummies”. We take here mangoes and oranges, but it’s up to you what fruit to take. Here goes!


½ cup orange juice

1 cup water

2 mangoes

4 tablespoons gelatin


Peel and dice the mangoes. Put them in a blender, add the orange juice and blend for about 30 seconds.

Pour some water into a pot and simmer over medium heat. Add gelatin and stir gently with a whisk. After about 5 minutes, all the gelatin should be dissolved.

Pour this mixture into the blender. Blend again for about 30 seconds.

Then pour it into square pan or silicone molds. Place the pan in the refrigerator. Chill for 2 hours or more before eating. Enjoy!

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