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What A Mom Wants!

A mom wants nothing more than the best for their children.  A mom will take the tears and pain away from their children, if given the chance.   A mom will do anything they feel is right by their children to see the best possible outcome.

What a mom wants:

  • A healthy child
  • A well adjusted child
  • A happy child
  • A smart child
  • A successful child
  • A kind child
  • A brave child
  • An honest child

Just because we typically want the same thing for our children, we might not take the same path to get from point A to point B.  Some mothers may have drastic variations in particular parenting practices but at the same time be very similar in other practices.  I am sure you remember the infamous Time magazine cover which shocked many while liberating others.  It led to many “are you mom enough” conversations, debates and even arguments.

My initial thoughts about the cover of Time magazine:

  • Ahh, finally a picture of breastfeeding on the cover of  a major magazine!!!!!!!
  • Hmm, impressive but not my personal choice to breastfeed for that period of time.
  • Power to women (including all infant feeding women- formula, breast for 2 days or 7 years- either way, VERY POWERFUL)
  • Ouch!!! -slightly harsh words used on the cover.

“Are you mom enough?”  – not the best wording as I am sure it offended many women.  However, I wish it did not turn women against each other in controversy.

As women who want the same outcome for our children, shouldn’t we support each other?  Maybe we might not agree on everything as mothers but I am most certain there will be more things we agree on than disagree- so why inhibit an opportunity of learning from each other?

I agree or disagree with many ideologies in life but I try to learn a lesson in everything presented to me.  I look for the benefits and the disadvantages that are specific for me only.  I try to make an educated decision that is best for my family based on our beliefs, values and traditions.

I try not to judge others as I am not in their home or world.  If we are all want the same outcome, maybe we can learn a little from each other?  I am willing.  Are you?

I blog about Baby Led Weaning with a Twist, homemade baby food, picky eating and family recipes.  I am a Registered Dietitian and a mother of two children who believes every parent should make choices specific to their family based on a variety of views.

Thank you to Time because I feel liberated to share my breastfeeding photos!    A child eating is a child eating, nothing more.



Thank you for visiting the I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival hosted by hosted by Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama and Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children.
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About the author: Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN


  1. Thank you so much for particpating in the Carnival. I think the intro of your post pretty much sums all of this crazyness up! All moms want the same basic things and we need to stop battling each other over how we get there.

    And I completely agree with you about the Time cover. At least there is a breastfeeding photo on a major magazine cover. I think that even though a war is waging over it, the end result will be positive. A step is a step no matter which direction it is in!


  2. Great post Clancy! Yes, we all want the same thing for our children and it’s terrible when some moms feel they have to tear each other down.

    The Time cover definitely sparked some conversation and while I’m happy to see the pro-breastfeeding message, I really didn’t like the photo. I mean who has their child breastfeed while standing on a stool?


  3. I agree, it would be nice to see mothers support each other more. No one way is the correct way and we all have a reason for choosing the parenting paths that we are on. Kudos to you!


  4. Ouch! I don’t like to see the “mommy wars”… when I was your age none of that went on. We worked together for good. Some of those blogs are really strong in their opinions and I hope that they remember that they don’t need to prove anything to anyone but their significant other and their baby. There’s lots of year ahead for all of you young moms. Listen to the older women who have been through all of this. There’s much to be said for experience. :o) With much love gal I love your blog entries! xxoo


  5. That picture just made me smile. =) I breastfed all 4 of my kids. It was the most amazing time when one of them was nursing. Our sweet time to share together. I miss those days! Parenting isn’t easy and we need the support of other moms, not to be against each other.


  6. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others and believe in ourselves.


  7. Hear hear! I guess you’re right in that any picture showing breastfeeding can only work to normalise it. It’s just a shame it was framed in such a manner.
    Great post.


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