Useful in Pleasant: How to Hide Unfavourite Vegetables

Of course, any mother has faced with a problem when the children refuse eating  vegetables. So, how to mask the taste of an unfavourite vegetable hiding it among the most demanded kid’s dishes?

As a rule, babies are curious enough and they may like most of new tastes due to their variety. If a child developed a biased attitude to any food, that fact had its own reasons. There are some of them:

  • You offered fruit earlier than vegetables. When a child tasted sweet fruit, he may refuse vegetables because they may seem savorless to him.
  • Parents don’t eat the same food as they give the child. Any upbringing including a nutritive one begins with imitation. For instance, if you have pasta with cutlets but you offer your child some broccoli, he will surely rebel. Try to treat your child with boiled vegetables from your plate – undoubtedly, he will take an interest in what you have already eaten with pleasure.
  • Vegetables are undone or look untasty. Try to offer your child fresh vegetables cut in sticks or cubes. Maybe the crust of cucumbers or carrots will impress him very much.
  • Set your face against a bad-eater with art. Make a funny picture of different cut vegetables that will encourage him to have it with appetite.

But if these objective reasons for refusal are eliminated, let’s consider the subjective ones. Your child simply doesn’t like the taste of vegetables and that’s why you should mask them skilfully in different dishes.

One of the first dishes to offer a child, as doctors suggest, is squash. You can grate it with apple, add an egg, some flour and sour cream, cook pancakes in a steamer. It’s better to avoid fried dishes in kid’s diet.

As for broccoli, paprika and aubergine, there are also some victorious recipes. Broccoli can be included in omelette or puree soup. The only rule is to cut broccoli in tiny pieces and mix with other ingredients. Paprika is of different colors, so it can decorate any dish and raise the mood. Even when you add them to pizza. Puree soup can hide almost all vegetables but you should control their concentration. If a child likes tomatoes but hates carrots, some boiled carrot in the homogeneous soup won’t spoil the taste and your child won’t even notice your trick.

When your baby is over 1 year old, you can add some cheese in the diet. Also it’s possible to use in soup. Broccoli, aubergine and paprika may be hidden in mincemeat. Add them to it and make meatballs. Being steamed, they will save all useful vegetable qualities.

Pumpkin or carrot can be baked with apple. For dessert, fill apples with grated carrot and raisins, then bake in the oven. Also you can add some nuts if your child is over 3. Sweet vegetables and small pieces of celery may be added to fruit salads of apples, bananas, pears with yoghurt sauce. All these ingredients will keep your secret and hide the unfavoured vegetable. Don’t forget about juices that enrich your kid’s diet with all necessary vitamins. Add squeezed vegetables to juices and may your kid be healthy!

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