Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Celebration at School

Children enjoy celebrating their holidays noisily and funny. The main event of the year is, undoubtedly, birthday. Any child wants to celebrate it not only with parents and other relatives but with a lot of friends as well.

When a child goes to the first grade, he makes new friends and his classmates are not an exception. So, how to organize childhood birthday at school and to please your youngster with congratulations? The organization of such events requires a thorough preparation.

First of all, you should find out school rules of celebrating such events. A school strict schedule doesn’t likely imply a lot of free time among the lessons, and you will have to accommodate all the congratulation program to a big break or, if you are fortunate, to a homeroom with a consent of a teacher.

Before you organize a party, talk to the classroom teacher if there are any restrictions for in-school celebrations. You should know:

–      If it’s possible to organize a party in the classroom;

–      If you can hire and invite an entertainment team;

–      If you are allowed to lay a table (sweets, cupcakes);

–      What specific dietary requirement are among the children;

–      And the time for possible holding event, its duration, place (a classroom, a canteen or an assembly hall), number of children, adult presence and so on.

A Script for School Party

Provided with approval to celebrate in-school birthday and school administration don’t mind inviting animators, you have to orient the entertainment team with their show duration, possibility to play or use music and other entertainments for children. It’s obviously you should choose a short congratulation program for 15-20 minutes. As you see, don’t delay the consideration and think over these matters in advance.

Preparing a Festive Table

If you plan to treat children, pay attention to the following tips:

–      Children have to eat quickly because of the event duration;

–      Treats shouldn’t be easily soiled and require a lot of cutlery;

–      There mustn’t be any allergenic food on the menu even if your own child doesn’t suffer allergy. So it’s better to pre-check with parents whether their children are allergic to some foods. And even if there are no such children, do not bring those products that naturally can cause allergy.

So, your rational choice may be various fruit (such as apples, plums, bananas, grapes), crackers, cupcakes. As for drinks, they may be juices of non-allergenic fruit or mineral water.

By the way, provide the children with disposable plates and cups, don’t forget about dry and wet wipes – they should always be at hand. After the party you should quickly tidy up the classroom, gather all used dishes, wrappers, food remains and take out the trash outside the school.

Classroom Decoration

Unlike a birthday party at home or in a cafe, you will have not much time for decoration. So the quickest and festive way to do this is to make wallpapers with congratulations, but avoid using serpentine, firecrackers and other similar things. Another good solution for decoration is balloons that are beautiful and solemn. Moreover, it doesn’t require efforts and you can decorate the room together with children that is very cheerfully or just order the service in a specialized agency of entertainment.

Presents for a Birthday Celebrator

Certainly, a birthday celebrator will get the main presents at home. But if you have got a school administration approval to hold in-school party and talked to the classroom teacher in advance, be sure that the classmates will be warned of approaching event and your child may get different gifts from them.

All things considered, we should notice that the main important thing in any event is a good mood. If it is, everyone will remember this party until the next birthday!

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